Welcome to KOOBA

KOOBA is a revolutionary new targetgame that performs like a sport and plays like a boardgame.  It’s fun, easy to learn, yet always a challenge.  Every game, every round your skills are tested in the pursuit of the perfect KOOBA shot!  

KOOBA comes with three of our favorite games, but it doesn’t stop there... Own it!  We invite you to tweak, modify, and create games on the KOOBA platform to share with the world.  

Safe for indoors, great for outdoors - play KOOBA anywhere!  


Now featured on The Grommet

Our partners at The Grommet made a great video about us and are now featuring KOOBA for sale on their site.  The Grommet is very supportive of the maker community and has lots of amazing products from small companies and people like us!  We're thrilled to be working with them - give them a visit!

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