Official KOOBA Rules

There are many ways to play KOOBA, but this is how it all started...

2 to 4 Players:  Game time: 15 min.

Lag for break:  Determining player order
Each player shoots one Aero at the board, the closest to the KOOBA is player 1, the next closest is player 2 and so on. Player 1 starts in the North Run, and following players start at the next run clockwise around the board.  Each player places a marker in the Home of their Run.  Each player takes three shots at the eye per turn from a distance of 4 sticks from the board.  When all players have completed a turn, a round is completed.


A shot is made by placing the sticks through the center of an Aero, then pulling the sticks apart evenly side to side (see How to Videos).  A “tag” occurs when an Aero visually overlaps a scoring zone or physically touches a marker or the KOOBA.  If two Aeros overlap, a tag is still counted if the top Aero visually overlaps the scoring area.
      Shoot from distance of 5 sticks


Every shot that tags the eye is a score, and advances the shooter’s marker one space on their run. The marker is moved after the player has finished all three shots.  When the shooter has reached the end of their run, the next score moves their marker to their lock.  A locked run cannot be attacked.   Once a player’s run is locked they must tag the KOOBA to win. 
             Tag inner eye to score
             Tag penalty zone = move marker back one step


Each player gets one attack turn per game, with three shots to tag an opponent’s run or marker.   You must declare which opponent you are attacking before the turn starts.  Once a run or marker is tagged, you can use the remaining shots to score. 
Tagging the:
Run = send marker back one step for every tag 
Marker = send marker to home, use remaining shots to score
             Penalty zone = attack over, all attack shots negated


At any point during the game, if a player rings the KOOBA, they win and the game is over.
The first player to tag the KOOBA with a locked run wins the game, but players who have not had their turn yet in the round can continue to shoot to tie.  If two or more players tag the KOOBA with a locked run at the end of a round, a tie breaker is played.    
Tie Breaker
The remaining players play in the original order.  Each player takes three shots per turn, trying to tag the KOOBA. If any player tags the KOOBA in the round, all other remaining players must also tag it to stay in the game.  The first player to be the only one in a round to tag the KOOBA wins.  If any player rings the KOOBA during a tie breaker, they win and the game is over.


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