2 players : Game play 10-15 min.

Board Setup

Markers are placed on the home of the North and East run. Place the KOOBA in the center of the eye. Each player reserves one extra marker on the side of the board.


KOOBA Derby uses “Around the World” shooting. A turn begins by shooting for any one of the four locks. Once a lock is tagged, the shooter must tag the next lock clockwise. Each player takes three shots per turn. If the third shot is successful, the shooter gets another three shots - if not, the turn is over.


Every time the shooter tags the next lock, their marker is advanced one step on the Derby course. The course runs from one home to the home on the opposite corner. Player 1 runs North to South, Player 2 runs East to West. In the center of the course, the players must “jump the eye” by tagging the KOOBA. Once a player jumps the eye, they may tag any lock to resume scoring.


Each player gets one attack turn per game, and are allowed three shots in the turn. You must declare the attack turn before you take the first shot. Shoot for a step in your opponent’s course to set up a roadblock. If a step is tagged, place your spare marker on the step to mark the roadblock. To remove the roadblock, your opponent must tag or ring the KOOBA. Once a successful roadblock is made, the shooter ends the attack and can resume scoring with their remaining shots, if any.


The first player to reach the end of their course wins. If a player rings the KOOBA while jumping the eye, they win instantly. Ringing the KOOBA while removing a roadblock does not win the game.

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