KOOBA Baseball

2-20 players : Game play 30 min+

Board Setup

All four markers are placed in the South penalty zone. The KOOBA is placed by the pitcher anywhere within the batting box.


In KOOBA Baseball players are divided to two equal teams that switch from pitching to hitting over 9 innings, just like regular baseball. The locks are used as bases and the markers are used as base runners. Each team chooses a pitcher, who places the KOOBA anywhere in the batting box. The opposing team’s hitter has three shots to tag the KOOBA. The KOOBA may be repositioned by the pitcher before every shot. If the hitter misses all three shots, they are out and the next hitter is up. After three outs, the teams switch and the inning is over.


If the hitter rings the KOOBA on a pitch, it’s a home run. If the hitter tags the KOOBA, they get a hit. The hitter then gets three more shots where they shoot for the eye. The KOOBA is removed from the board. Scoring is as follows:

Tag the Eye:
1X = Single
2X = Double
3X = Triple
Tag a lock, miss the eye = FOUL, pitching resumes.
Miss the eye and locks = OUT, next batter is up.

The hitter can use one, two, or all three shots when scoring after a hit. If the first shot hits the eye, the player can hold on first or continue to shoot for a double.  If the next shot hits the eye, the player can hold on second or go for a triple.  If any shot is OUT or FOUL, any previous shots are negated, and pitching resumes. Baserunners on the board move the same number of bases as base runners behind them, so if a double is scored, all runners move two bases. Runs are scored just like baseball.


The team with the most runs at the end of the ninth inning wins.

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