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A Different Kind of

Performs like a sport - Plays like a boardgame

The shot is easy to learn, yet consistently challenging as you increase your skill level.   It’s straight up addictive – with a satisfying thwack when you hit the board.   But we wanted more than just a target game, so we took the board game from the tabletop and put it on the wall.  It became something like darts meets backgammon with crazy ninja moves.  
Kind of like that.

Quality Built for Serious Fun

We designed KOOBA for players who demand quality and action.  Made with strong rare earth magnets, durable materials and a portable design, KOOBA is great for indoors or out.

A Product of Passion

InPlay Products is an independent design studio based in San Francisco, dedicated to developing unique products and quality play experiences. KOOBA started as a crowd funded project with its roots firmly planted in maker movement. Yep, KOOBA used to be made by hand but before long we couldn’t keep up with demand. After several years of selling directly at fairs and festivals we decided to make the move to full scale production.

After several years of selling directly to consumers at fairs and festivals, what started as a hand-crafted product now requires full-scale production to meet demand. We have spent the last two years sourcing quality manufacturing partners both domestically and abroad, and countless hours incorporating customer feedback into the final design.

We are proud of our product, and our passion presents itself in the details of KOOBA's design and construction. We are committed to our customers and are always developing new games to play on the KOOBA board. We welcome your feedback, invite you to submit your rules for new games and, above all, truly appreciate your support!


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