KOOBA hanging on a tent at a football game.

Tailgating Ideas took KOOBA to the football. They loved the combination of a safe untraditional dart game and that's why they've rated KOOBA definitely "Tailgate Approved!"

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We've teamed up with f'real and created a giant KOOBA board to win shakes, shirts, sunglasses and even a KOOBA game at a college near you!

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KOOBA Goes to College!

August 26, 2015

How to Play KOOBA diagram with pictures showing how to make a shot.

We're teaming up with F'real Milkshakes and taking a giant KOOBA game on the road to a college near you! Play giant (yes, giant!) KOOBA to win shakes and prizes.

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KOOBA anchor is delighted by her KOOBA shot!

KOOBA was on CBS as the toy to keep kids active all summer break. Watch CBS play KOOBA like pros as they show you toys to have fun with the whole family! 

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The Grommet came across KOOBA on their quest for the undiscovered with a tale to tell! So check out the video they've made which gives a little insight into our inventors and why KOOBA is like no other game.

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August 04, 2015

KOOBA caught the attention of passers by all over the city from Times Square to Central Park. We hit the streets to challenge locals to a game and test out their skills.

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July 23, 2015

TODAY show toy expert Meredith Sinclair aims her shot at the KOOBA board while Hoda looks on in the plaza.

KOOBA was featured on the TODAY Show as a top toy to take outside in the warmer months! Watch KOOBA turn the TODAY anchors into kids again. 

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A screen-shot of the video review shows a close-up of the KOOBA board with the reviewer in the top left corner.

TTPM have just reviewed KOOBA! 

"We were pretty bad at this when we first started out, but even so, we just couldn't stop playing this addictive game."

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