KOOBA Gets Tailgate Approved For The Game!

The guys over at Tailgating Ideas are the foremost authority on all things tailgating. Passionate about the tailgate party lifestyle they endeavor to help you do it better with the best tailgating games. They took

KOOBA down to San Diego Chargers vs Cleveland Browns to play some games at the game! 

KOOBA's fully portable fold and go design lets you play at the game indoors or out! This came in handy as they were faced with some un-welcome weather. Once they put KOOBA up in their tent with some bungee cord they were all set to tailgate in style.

KOOBA game hangs off a tent with bungee rope at a football game

"KOOBA is fun to play and is much more different than the regular cornhole or beer pong you see at most tailgate parties. Once you get the feel for the shot off of the KOOBA sticks, you can make accurate shots and even play a little defense against opponents."

"I found my seven year-old son and I playing KOOBA because it was a tailgating game we could play underneath the tent...whereas other tailgating games like cornhole would have placed us out in the elements."

KOOBA game hangs off a tent with bungee rope.
After thoroughly testing and playing KOOBA, Tailgating Ideas loved the combination of a safe untraditional dart game you can tailgate with indoors or out.  
That's why they've rated KOOBA definitely "Tailgate Approved!"

Jade Akyol
Jade Akyol


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