Giant KOOBA at Texas A&M University

We've teamed up with f'real and created a giant KOOBA board to win shakes, shirts and sunglasses!

Students lined up around the block for their chance to aim at the giant board and win prizes during the Texas A&M University Gig 'Em Week. 

Those players skilled (or lucky!) enough to hit the the KOOBA prize panel even went home with their own KOOBA game.

We'll be collaborating with f'real as they take the giant board across country gifting milkshakes and prizes on their back to school College Tour!


Giant KOOBA board created by f'real.Student takes her aim at the giant KOOBA board. Lucky winners of their own KOOBA game.How to play giant KOOBA instructions. Students patiently enjoy their milkshakes waiting for their chance at to play the giant KOOBA.A student fires her shot at the giant board but will she win the prize she wanted?Huge line round the block of students waiting for their turn for milkshakes and KOOBA play. Student makes their aim at the board and the aero lands on a free milkshake. Students gather around the board as they take their turn to play to win prizes. The giant KOOBA board and how to play designed by the f'real team.


Jade Akyol
Jade Akyol


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