2 - 4 Players : Game play 15 - 20 min.

KOOBA Horse is played by challenging your opponents to match your shots on the board, just like the basketball game.  The KOOBA board is designed so that every zone can be identified by name.  To begin, the first player calls their shot by defining the following:

  • The zone or zones to be tagged - such as "North Lock"
  • The number of shots allowed (max. of 3) to successfully tag the called zone
  • Any additional trick maneuvers if desired - such as "shoot balanced on one foot"
  • Combo shots can also be called, such as "North Lock, South Lock, KOOBA tag", where the next player would have to tag all three zones.
  • Shooting distance - the next player must shoot from the same spot

If the next player fails to match the shot, they earn a letter "K", then an "O" and so on till the first player to spell "KOOBA" is out of the game.  The last player not to spell KOOBA wins. You can, of course use the word "HORSE", but calling someone a "KOOB" right before you beat them is always fun.  

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