Setting up the Board

Hanging the Board

KOOBA is made to be taken anywhere you want to play!  At home, in the park, camping, or tailgating - however you want to play.  To hang the board in the house, we recommend using a Command Hook for easy, damage free placement on your wall or door.  Of course, any hook or nail works fine.  Official height is two stick lengths from the ground to the bottom of the board, but hang it where it works for you!

If you're outside, you can tie a rope around a tree, snap a carabiner on a fence, or if there's nowhere to hang the board - no problem!  Just turn the board 90 degrees and lean it up on a cooler on a picnic table or in the back of a truck.  The board plays the same in any direction!

Setting up the Board

The KOOBA board diagram shows where to place your game pieces and the different areas of play on the board.

  • Place the KOOBA center piece in the middle of the board
  • Place the Markers in the "Home" position in each corner
  • Take the sticks out of the stickholders by opening the velcro tab
  • Hang the instruction card behind the board for safekeeping

Packing up the Board

  • Move the KOOBA center piece and the four Markers to the assigned places at the bottom of the board.
  • Put the sticks back in the stickholder and close the velcro tab
  • Place the instruction card in the middle of either half of the board and secure with the Aeros
  • Fold and go!

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