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KOOBA mods are alternate scoring rules for the official game.  Mods are a great way to switch up the game to suit player skill level, or just mix things up!  Mods can be added together and called out as "Deuces-Pro-Jailbird".  The KOOBA board is designed so that every zone can be identified by name, and every zone can be used for a score, penalty, or whatever you can think of!  The board is divided into four quadrants - North, East, South, and West. Each quadrant has the same zones: 

  • Home
  • Run
  • Steps (in the Run - numbered in ascending order from the outside in)
  • Lock
  • Penalty Zone or "Crib"

This way every zone can be called out as "North Lock" or "Third Step East Run", etc.  The bullseye in the center is divided into 

  • The Eye
  • Inner Eye
  • Third Eye, or KOOBA



Dueces is what we play in tournament finals.  It's quick, high scoring and unpredictable!  
Best if played in rounds of 2 out of 3 or best of 5.  

  • Tagging the KOOBA during normal shooting moves your marker 2 spaces.  This is called a "deuce".
  • Attack on any single shot - but if attack is started you must complete a successful attack before you can resume scoring in the turn.  
  • Once the lock is reached, you must shoot again to tag the KOOBA and win.  


PRO rules can be applied to any mod or game, such as "Dueces Pro".  For experienced players who want an extra challenge!

  • To score you must hit the inner eye
    Cribs become penalty zones - tag any Penalty Zone and you move back a step.  
    If you are at the beginning of your run, penalties do not apply.  
  • Shoot from a distance of 5 stick lengths instead of 4.  

Black Hole 

A new way of looking at the board!

  • To score, any shot on the board where no yellow is visible in the Aero hole moves one step.  
  • Any shot where only yellow is visible (called a Black Hole Sun) moves two steps.


A great mod for 4 player games!

  • Each player is assigned the Penalty Zone clockwise from their Run, which becomes their "Crib", so the North Run's Crib would be the Penalty Zone at the top of the board, etc.
  • If the shooter tags a Crib, instead of the shooter moving back, the player who owns the Crib moves forward a step.
  • All players must still tag the KOOBA when locked to win.  Tagging the Crib of a locked player does not advance them.

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