Annual KOOBA Tournament Begins in San Francisco!

Our kick off to the KOOBA tournament season was epic! Thanks to everyone for coming down to ShowDown SF Game Night and getting your game on!  Everyone playing in the tournament were newbies at the sport and still whipped up some serious competition, ending with an incredible tie breaking first shot walk off KOOBA bullseye to win it all!  Congrats to Matt for the awesome win, a free board, and entry into the KOOBA Finals in November!  We're going to be doing a bi-weekly contest at The Foundry, next up is Monday July 28th.  Winner will get a free KOOBA board, sign-ups start at 6pm, tournament play starts at 8pm.  We'll bring three boards this time to get more practice time for everyone!

The KOOBA Finals will be held in early November (stay tuned!) and will feature winners from all the previous tournaments plus walk on spots.  Finalists will be playing for a $1000 in cash and prizes (total prize purse) - so get your board and start practicing now!!

You get a board here, or if you're feeling lucky - we will be giving a free board away every week!  Just follow us on twitter @koobagame #freekoobagame and we will post a photo of the location in San Francisco where one of us will be with a free game for you to claim - first person there gets it!  

Excited KOOBA player sticks out his tongue and pulls a funny face in front of the board. KOOBA Tournament Winner with his KOOBA prize in front of the tournament board.  KOOBA Tournament players gather round for a photo before it starts to get competitive.  KOOBA player takes his aim at the board during the competition.  KOOBA competitors laughing and chatting as they wait for their turn to play.   Serious KOOBA player poses next to the board during the competetion.

Scott Shanks
Scott Shanks


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