KOOBA Tournament 2014 Finals Results!

A KOOBA player unhappy with her shot stands in front of the board.

We had a blast at the tournament - thanks to everyone for showing up with your best KOOBA smackdown game!  We had more KOOBA shots (ringers) this night than any other tournament!  When the money's on the table you guys get good fast! A few newcomers did well, but the veteran Kevin pulled it out in the end with a dramatic ringer in the third game of the last round to win 1st place! All the prize winners went home with a free game and a shirt - and a little spending money! Here's the results:

3rd Place: $100
Reggie and Mark

Third place KOOBA tournament finalist proudly holds up his t-shirt and KOOBA Game prize.  Joint third place KOOBA tournament finalist in front of the tournament board with his t-shirt and KOOBA Game prize.

2nd Place: $300

1st Place $500


Thanks again everyone! Stay tuned for our next event at ShowDown - follow us @koobagame for the latest.

Scott Shanks
Scott Shanks


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