KOOBA Parties On SOHO Rooftop

Last weekend Adentro Style threw an awesome birthday party on a SOHO rooftop in New York. With KOOBA for his party guests to play, donuts, treats and cool drinks, Alejandro had the ideal party combination. In perfect style he made sure there were two sets of KOOBA as he knew guests would be lining up to play into the night! 

Two KOOBA game boards being played against a lit graffitied SOHO wall.

Guests laughing, eating and drinking on a super cool NYC rooftop party in SOHO.

Glazed donuts spelling out Happy Birthday covered in sprinkles.

Close up of an aero being prepared to fire by a party guest next to gratified wall on stylish SOHO rooftop.

Street view of the super cool SOHO party location as the sun sets on New York City.

 Photos by Phillip Van Nostrand 


Jade Akyol
Jade Akyol


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