KOOBA Goes To Berkeley!

Father's Day saw KOOBA hop over the Bay Bridge to Games of Berkeley and their ace outdoor games event at the Downtown Berkeley Eats, Beats & Brews festival! There were loads of Locally Grown Games to play in the fresh air and many eager gamers willing to test them out. Dad's were the eagerest KOOBA players and rightly so - it was the perfect Father's Day playing games!

Game lovers are playing locally made board games outside of Games of Berkeley in the sunshine on Father's Day.

Dad's perfecting his KOOBA shot a the board in front of the family on Father's Day.

Onlookers cheer and clap as the player gets a shot on target.

Children line up to play with the smallest child at the back patiently waiting for his turn.

Outdoor view of the Games of Berkeley store with players testing out local games on tables.

KOOBA player demonstrating how to fire the aero wearing a big smile in front of the board.

Young KOOBA player makes his shot at the board from a great distance.

Crowd gathers round to see a KOOBA shot demonstration in the sunshine.

Jade Akyol
Jade Akyol


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