KOOBA On Good Morning Arizona!

Good Morning Arizona presenters with KOOBA in front of them demonstrate games to get teenagers engaged.

KOOBA made an appearance on Good Morning Arizona this week as a great tech toy to get teenagers engaged in family fun at home. Family fun expert Donna Bozzo tipped KOOBA as the ideal game to get teens away from their devices and we all know how much of a challenge that can be!

"It is the new magnetic target game perfect for teenagers! Part dartboard, part magnet, part strategy; KOOBA is a product of passion created by a team of game lovers." 

"The ultimate dart experience, KOOBA is destined to be a household name in games." 

"The target of launching magnets onto a magnetic board is durable, portable and a great alternative to darts.  With warmer weather approaching, it's a great game to play outdoors with friends/family of all ages."

Jade Akyol
Jade Akyol


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